Julia language support.

You're encouraged to contribute to the plugin in any form if you've found any issues or missing functionality that you'd want to see. Check out CONTRIBUTING to learn how to setup the project and contributing guidelines.

All your issues/pull requests will be replied very quickly.

Functions provided:
  • SDK and module management
  • A GUI package manager
  • Documentation view
  • Syntax highlight
  • Language injection
  • Run configuration and code execution
  • Live templates
  • File templates
  • Completions
  • Jump to definition
  • Find usages
  • Renaming
  • Doc string generation
  • Try Evaluate
  • Bread crumbs
  • Regular expression injection
  • DocString markdown injection (works only when either Markdown or MarkdownNavigator is installed)
  • Special input for LaTeX style unicode character
  • Structure view
  • DocumentFormat.jl integration
  • Error reporter
  • Version number parsing
  • Parameter hint
  • Sci-Mode

What you'll see in the future:

  • Formatter

Please don't downvote our plugin for not having one of the features above, because we're just working on it.


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  • zxj5470
  • hoshinotented
  • hexadecimaaal