How to build

Use gradle

$ chmod a+x gradlew
$ ./gradlew buildPlugin

It's now recommended to use gradle because it can be used under command line.

But anyway you're gonna edit this project code with IDEA.

Use Idea build


First install required plugins in your IntelliJ IDEA:

  • Grammar-Kit JetBrains Plugins
  • UI Designer (built-in, just make sure you've enabled it)
  • Plugin DevKit (built-in, just make sure you've enabled it)
  • Kotlin JetBrains Plugins

For debugging purpose, it's recommended to install a plugin called PsiViewer in the plugin sandbox JetBrains Plugins.


Clone this repo:

$ git clone

Create a plugin project from your cloned source, and use gradle buildPlugin to do code generation.

To debug, run gradle runIde in the debugger. Break points works like a charm.

For more information, see the official doc.

Contributing guidelines

You must

  1. Put all natural language strings into the resource bundle
  2. Use as much @NotNull and @Nullable as you can in Java codes except local variables

You must not

  1. Break the code style -- use tab indents with spaces aligns (see .editorconfig)
  2. Open pull requests just to fix code style, or use some syntax sugar (julia-intellij is not SharpLang!)
  3. Add any kind of generated file into the git repo (including the parser!)
  4. Violate the open source license

You should

  1. Use Kotlin except UI, but if you only know Java, never mind, we can help you convert
  2. Name your files like julia-xxx.kt
  3. Put all highly related classes into a single file
  4. Use English, but we also read Chinese so if you only know Chinese just use it
  5. Write commit message starts with [ issue id or refactor type ]

You'd better

  1. Read

You don't have to

  1. Write comments, except you're using magics. Tell us if you do
  2. Write tests, because we'll review your codes carefully

Developers from Windows


The task genLexer and runIde(depends on former) need file encoding with UTF-8, so if you have trouble in running some gradle tasks, please run gradle with VM options -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 or run with environment variable JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8